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The High Life of Oswald Watt (C Clark)

In 1911 Oswald Watt became the first qualified pilot in the Australian Army, but it was with the French Air Service where he spent the first 18 months of the First World War, before transferring to the Australian Imperial Force. His experience as a combat pilot saw him rise through the ranks of the Australian Flying Corps to become a Squadron Leader, seeing action at the Battle of Cambrai. Watt's wartime experiences added to a reputation already well established before the war from his wealthy lifestyle and influential connections in society and politics. His fame both prior to and during the war have contributed to an array of stories and misleading elements over the years that verge on mythology. This book attempts to establish a true account of Oswald Watt's life and achievements, and evaluate his place in Australian history.

Soft cover, 306 pages.

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Royal Australian Air Force DVA



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