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Sterling Silver Powder Coated Poppy Brooch

Unlike other red poppy brooches, this poppy is one of a kind. Individually handmade, the poppy brooch is made out of sterling silver and powder coated in red. The circular shape sterling silver brooch pin represents the bud of the flower. Perfect to pin on a jackets, coat or jumper. Weighs approximately 20 grams with a sterling silver pin clutch back.

Handmade by VK Artistry. Vicky Kanellopoulos is an Australian emerging artist whose work is influenced by her cultural background. With a keen interest in Greek mythology, spiritual literature and the body, Vicky embarks on an organic journey with each design. The sculptural element is fundamental to her work in which form, shape, depth and texture all come into play. Her practice includes jewellery, sculpture, silversmithing and design for apparel.

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Polyclay Poppy Brooch

Polyclay Poppy Brooch



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