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A Soldier's Story (J C Ryan & P Kemp)


Author Peter Kemp tells the story of his grandfather, journalist James Cue Ryan, whose military service included South Africa, Gallipoli and the famous battle of Beersheba in 1917. He was never wounded, but like many others did contract dysentery and was discharged medically unfit in 1918. He worked on as a journalist until passing away in 1955 at the age of 86years.

This is not just an ordinary account of one soldier’s service; Ryan served primarily as a journalist reporting the wars back to the Maffra Spectator and the Walhalla Chronicle, making the combination of his keen observations for his diary and news reports an absorbing and fascinating insight to his service in two wars.

Soft cover, 206 pages.

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Victorian Land Forces 1853-1883 (G Ward)

Victorian Land Forces 1853-1883 (G Ward)



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