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Gallipoli Medals (G Alexander)

Major Peter Romsey contacts Jaxson’s dad to ask if some medals he found in an op shop could possibly belong to the Donoghue family. Intrigued by the story of his great, great uncle being part of the Great War, and what happened to him after that, Jaxson reads about Gallipoli. As a result his close friendship with Abi wavers. Even if this conflict took place ninety odd years ago, Abi’s family are Turkish. Does this make Abi his enemy?

As a junior novel aimed at younger readers, it gives context and background to Anzac Day and to the soldiers who died at Gallipoli. The story is told from the point of view of a young boy. Though there are inserts from Great Uncle Jack’s letters home, their message is about the horrors of war and sacrifices so many young men made.

Soft cover, 24 pages.

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When the War Came (V Farrer)

When the War Came (V Farrer)



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