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To Hell and Back (S DeVries) Audio Book


Sydney Loch migrated to Victoria from Scotland and became a sheep farmer in Gippsland before enlisting with the 2nd Battalion and training with the ANZACs in Egypt.

Convalescing in a Melbourne military hospital from a wound sustained at Gallipoli and from an attack of typhoid that put him on the danger list, Sydney Loch published one of the first books to tell the truth about Gallipoli. The Straits Impregnable was published in Melbourne in 1916 and its horrific accounts of the reality of battle made it a best seller. However censorship was fierce and it had the names of the principal characters changes and published as a novel, as novels did not have to pass the censor. Sydney’s graphic vivid book was banned by order of the Military Censor for Victoria. To his dismay he and his publisher narrowly avoided being prosecuted for breaking the rigid censorship laws. Sydney was in fact a whistle blower.

In To Hell and Back, historians Susanna and Jake de Vries have recovered and edited Sydney's book for a new generation of readers and included a biography of his remarkable life.

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