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Heroes of the Somme DVD


The Heroes of the Somme uses original archive from the Western Front to uncover the stories of seven of the men whose remarkable bravery won them the Victoria Cross, Britain's most prized military medal.

The programme features contributions from leading modern historians, who explain the broader context of the battle, and describe how the offensive has come to be remembered, rightly or wrongly, as an exercise in futile military sacrifice.

Meanwhile interviews with modern day family members reveals the personal stories of each character, exploring the differing fortunes they experienced, and the variety of reasons for which they fought One man made war an adventure. For another adventure turned into sacrifice. One's bravery was remembered for a century. Another's forgotten within a decade. One soldier fought because it was his heritage. Other's because it was their duty. This programme reveals how they all risked everything, all won the Victoria Cross and were all heroes of the Somme.

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The Lost Diggers (R Coulthart)

The Lost Diggers (R Coulthart)



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