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The Lost Diggers (R Coulthart)

A trove of portraits taken in the tiny French town of Vignacourt just behind the frontlines was found a century later in an ancient metal chest in a French farmhouse. The collection of glass plates has been hailed as one of the most important First World War discoveries ever made. Haunting images show diggers enjoying a brief respite from the horror of the trenches: having their portraits taken for a lark, for a keepsake or to send to loved ones. For all too many, this would be their only memorial, and to gaze into the eyes of these men is to meet a lost generation.

This fully revised and expanded edition offers a wealth of fresh information including more soldiers newly identified with the aid of their families.

Soft cover, 399 pages.

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The Digger

The Digger's View (J Mahoney)



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