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Vera Deakin and the Red Cross (Carole Woods)


Vera Deakin began her remarkable leadership of the Australian Red Cross Wounded and Missing Enquiry Bureau in Cairo and London, soon after World War I began. She also co-directed the Red Cross Melbourne enquiry bureau with her friend Lilian Scantlebury during World War II. She married a young Australian military pilot, Captain Thomas White, which opened new opportunities for her after the war. She supported his career as a federal cabinet minister and later high commissioner to London, and when he was knighted she became Lady White. This book explores Vera’s national and international humanitarian activism, which was interwoven with major defining events of the 20th century. She assisted several welfare groups but her lodestar was the Red Cross. The centenary of World War I has focused attention on the 32,000 case files of the Australian enquiry bureau and given renewed recognition to Vera Deakin’s key role in the search for the missing.

Hard cover. 244 pages.

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