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Dangerous Days (E Brough)

Description: After joining up alongside his mates from country Victoria, at 22 Ern Brough fought and was wounded at Tobruk and at El Alamein. But neither he nor his humanity died. One morning during the brutal Allied offensive against Rommel in October 1942, he piggybacked a badly wounded enemy soldier to German lines under heavy fire. Three hours later, the tanks came and Brough was taken prisoner.

On Good Friday, 1944, Brough and the two others escaped from an Austrian POW camp and embarked on a desperate flight through Slovenia and Croatia to Bosnia. Travelling by night, armed only with a stolen map and a handmade compass, they were nearly caught countless times, escaping once by pretending to be Germans.

This is the story of that incredible journey, the exploits that earned Brough the Military Medal, and the actions at home that have since made him a local hero.

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