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The Only Woman at Gallipoli (J Howell)

In November 1915, a woman appeared amidst the fighting at Gallipoli.

She laid a wreath on a grave and then disappeared. It was the grave of a hero, a man killed at the landings and awarded the Victoria Cross.

There were two women who truly loved this man. Was the visitor a dedicated nurse and hospital founder who saved the lives of thousands in a fifty-year career - a woman awarded medals by Britain, France and Turkey?

Or was it a famous explorer, fluent in Arabic and Persian, and friend of the famous including T.E. Lawrence and Winston Churchill - the only female delegate among thousands at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919?

Five years of research has revealed this amazing true story. It has emerged from tantalising clues, unpublished love letters and false trails deliberately left to hide the truth.

Which woman was it? Who was The Only Woman at Gallipoli?

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