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The Anzac Spirit DVD

When things are tough - whether it be on the sports field, in the face of natural disaster - there is an internal strength summoned up in order to cope with the adversity - it is known as the Anzac Spirit. This spirit, shown by the original Anzacs on Gallipoli, in the Middle East and on the Western Front is well recognised. But what were the unique qualities displayed by the Anzacs that combined to forge the Anzac spirit?
Mateship, courage, humour, ingenuity, endurance, individualism.

Through the resources of the Australian War Memorial - photographs, documents, and objects - Niel Pigot tells six stories of the Anzacs, each illustrating one of these qualities and all in combination bringing life to the very best examples of The Anzac Spirit.

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The Anzac Walk DVA

The Anzac Walk DVA



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