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Bearing Witness (P Rees)


A full biography of the man known as CEW Bean, a war correspondent and official historian of the First World War, that for the first time captures and portrays the essence of the man, his work, his influence on Australian history, and how Australians have seen themselves in the century since the Great War.

Charles Bean was Australia's greatest and most famous war correspondent. He is the journalist who told Australia about the horrors of Gallipoli and the Western Front. He is the historian who did so much to create the Anzac legend and shape the emerging Australian identity in the years after Federation. He is the patriot who was central to the establishment of one of this country's most important cultural institutions, the Australian War Memorial. Yet we know so little about him as a man. Bearing Witness rectifies that omission in our national biography.

This is the first complete portrait of Charles Bean, serving as a powerful and detailed exploration of his life, his accomplishments and a marriage that sustained and enriched him.

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