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Gallipoli From Above


This one-hour documentary overturns many of the myths about the Gallipoli landing; that the Australians landed at dawn, on the wrong beach, with little knowledge of the Turkish defences and they were led by incompetent British officers. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Australians ran their own show, using aerial intelligence, emerging technology and innovative tactics to land 20,000 troops on a heavily defended and precipitous shoreline. They used an aircraft carrier and a squadron of biplanes to gather detailed information on the disposition of the Turkish defenders and developed a plan for the landing that avoided significant casualties. It is now nearly 100 years since the landing and hundreds of books, movies and documentaries have failed to grasp the significance of the ANZAC achievement.

Based on Hugh Dolan’s book 36 Days: The Untold Story Behind the Gallipoli Landings, Gallipoli From Above sets out to change forever the way Australians think about Gallipoli.

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Anzac Battlefields DVD



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