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Australian Heroines of World War One (S De Vries)


Telling the stories of eight courageous women through diaries, letters, photos, paintings and specially drawn maps, these women had the courage and strength for which the Anzacs are renown; however upon returning to Australia their heroism was quickly forgotten. Two of these women received such meagre pensions, they died destitute.

Sister Hilda Samsing from Melbourne became a whistle-blower when nursing aboard the hospital ship Gascon, outraged by the bungled evacuation of wounded Anzacs. She defied censorship and kept a very frank diary, reproduced here for the first time.

Publication of this book with its numerous illustrations has been facilitated by a generous donation from Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, keen that these stories become known to Australians of all ages.

Soft cover, 410 pages.

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Australian Women and War (M Oppenheimer)

Australian Women and War (M Oppenheimer)



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