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Digging for Diggers (G Hosken)

First published in October 2002, this book by Graeme Hosken gives a detailed description of the steps necessary to research the military history of any Australian WW1 Digger. To illustrate the research process, Graeme uses the specific record of a real WW1 Digger, accompanied by detailed explanations and images of the actual Army record documents which are crucial to such research and are obtainable by any researcher who follows the book's step by step guide. Nor is digging for Diggers restricted to the research procedure; numerous captioned WW1 images and information about Australia's WW1 involvement enrich the pages. The total result is a very readable and informative publication which will vastly increase any reader's knowledge of this crucial part of Australia's history.

Soft cover, 70 pages.

Image & description courtesy of ADCC.

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The Lost Diggers (R Coulthart)

The Lost Diggers (R Coulthart)



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