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The Anzac Walk DVA

This walk is designed for the Australian visitor who has little time but who can devote one day to exploring the main area held on Gallipoli by the ANZAC - men of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps - and others from 25 April to 20 December 1915. These men were to become known as 'Anzacs' and the area they held was known as 'Anzac', or eventually 'old Anzac' once more territory to the north had been captured after the August Offensive. Old Anzac embraced a strip of scrub-covered treeless land about 2 km long and less than 1 km wide, deeply indented by steep valleys and eroded gullies.

This walk is a brief introduction to a huge and fascinating subject for Australians. Of necessity, it has little to say about thousands of others who fought at Gallipoli - British, French, Nepalese, Indians and, of course, their Turkish opponents - but it acknowledges their presence. Through walking directions, historical information, photographs and brief personal stories this book aims to embrace the many human stories of this beautiful but tragic landscape.

Soft cover, 165 pages.

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