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Horrie the War Dog (R Perry)


In the harsh Libyan Desert in World War II, Private Jim Moody found a starving puppy. Moody adopted him and called him Horrie. More than a mascot, Horrie repeatedly saved the lives of the thousand-strong contingent. The little dog's warning ritual of sitting, barking, then dashing for the trenches had the gunners running for cover before they even heard the enemy aircraft.

Horrie accompanied Moody through the battle zones of the Middle East and beyond. As Japanese forces spread across Asia, Moody and his mates joined the fight, smuggling Horrie onto a troop ship for the harrowing journey back to Australia. Once the war was over, Moody brought Horrie out of hiding to raise money for the Red Cross and the brave little dog's story became widely known. When Quarantine officers pounced, demanding the dog be put down, there was a public outcry. How could a cruel bureaucracy heartlessly kill this little four-legged hero? Was Horrie condemned to die or could Moody devise a scheme to save him?

Soft cover, 338 pages.

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